Cary Cray

Cary Cray - artist

Cary Cray

Cary Cray is an artist and restorer. Her work has sold across the UK through ‘word of mouth’ and recommendations.

This site shows examples of her work, works for sale, and information on how you can commission Cary.

Cary’s unique style and her emotional involvement with all her works shines through in her paintings, sculptures, ceramics and her sympathetic restorations and ‘revitalisations’.

“People who really know Cary are few and far between. She is that rare creature – a very private extrovert.”

Cary is currently working in paint, steel and ceramics. “I’m currently experimenting with firing methods, much to my neighbours’ disgust. The ones that complain will get first chance to buy the results – the ones that don’t might just get a small gift.”






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    This site was created for Cary Cray by Precision PR Limited.
    The works shown on this site may or may not be for sale.
    For more information, please call +44 7432 189 149 or email